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WIDER INFOTECH has done research in the field of OFF LINE as well as ON LINE typing projects like E-Book Conversion, data entry, reading emails and online paid survey jobs and email processing jobs, and web designing jobs and have compiled a data base of several companies. Thousands of Internet users from INDIA, UK, PHILIPPINES, SINGAPORE, INDONESIA, PAKISTAN and many more, are already working online as well as offline and earning handsome MONEY. The offer is still open. You can join and earn money. This is a very simple work and can be done by any person having basic computer and internet knowledge…

We also own and operate a string of online and offline businesses, many of them having an international presence. After a great deal of research and testing , we had put together this program and you can be rest assured that it is genuine and works very effectively and profitably.

We have built relationships with companies worldwide who are in need of data entry workers. WIDER INFOTECH is not a data entry company, we simply refer members to many organizations that need individuals who are available to perform E-Book Conversion, data entry work.

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