1 ) The applicant has to type and submit the project ( pages) as per plan.

2) The applicant has to type all the pages in Note Pad and submit it within mentioned deadline.

3) Font should be Times New Roman and font size should be 10. Even an hour late in submission may result into termination of the whole contract and will result into cancellation of your full payment along with your security deposit, and which will result into cancellation of any kind of payment which company may be liable to pay you. Time and Accuracy would be the essence of the contract.

4 ) The applicant has to maintain minimum 65% accuracy in all cases of submission else your payment will be cancelled. No issues like making half payment for half assignment or anything like that will be entertained. Accuracy will be calculated as per the accuracy slab mentioned in company Broucher and in the agreement.

5) Using of any kind of conversion software is strictly prohibited if found then your whole work will be disqualified and hence the work will be rejected and resulting into zero payment. So using of any kind of software, Microsoft word or any shortcut keys is strictly prohibited. Before starting the work the applicant is advised to read the Technical Specifications for Transcription and Errors warranting Automatic rejection mentioned in the contract.

6) You have to make separate notepad file of the each image file and name that file same as the name of image file otherwise whole work will be disqualified.

7) You will get the payment only when your work is having minimum 65% accuracy in work submission and you have submitted that in the given period of time as per the plan from the receiving date of consignment.

8) As soon as you receive this package you have to fill this form and submit on our mail id mentioned below to get your work load. If not done then you will not be able to get your work

9) You will not get your work until you submit the application and declaration form along with photocopy of your ID proof as well as scan copy of payment proof on our mail id i.e. ;    widerinfotech@gmail.com.