Name of ProjectRockDesireBrilliantSwiftDescentLavish
Payment Per Project875005600042000330002250011550
Page Per Project500400350300250150
Time Per Project45 days36 days31 days 27 days23 days14 days
Minimum Accuracy65%65%65%65%65%65%
Registration Fees (Rs)*19650/-16350/-12650/-9850/-6750/-5000/-
Registration Fees Refundable** Yes Yes Yes Yes--
No Of ChancesThreeTwoOneOne--
Contract Period11 months11 months10 months10 months09 months04 months
Next Project Given Even You Fail to Achieve 00% Accuracy******New projectNew project----
Project Renewal Fees
(After Contract Period) (Rs`)
BONUS (Rs)***** 87500 56000 42000 33000 --
FEES Refund (Rs)** 1965016350 126509850--